Card making workshop - An exchange of ideas 



We partnered with artist and illustrator THISLAKSHMI, to bring a unique card making workshop.

In this workshop children were invited to print Little Art Forms shapes over the top of Lakshmi's elegant and ethereal inked drawings.

We started the workshop by studying and exploring Lakshmi's art work. Following this participants were invited to select and crop their chosen backgrounds to work with, and then the printing began. 

Using lino prints, children had the opportunity to choose a selection of the Little Art Forms shapes to work with and create an animated stack image over the top of Lakshmi's work.  

Through bringing together two contrasting visual languages, that of THISLAKSHMI and Little Art Forms, we entered a new creative venture together, where ideas and creative process can be exchanged.


Sunday 11th December 2016 


111 Essex Road, Islington, London N1 2SL

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