Who we are

Little Art Forms was created to bring a sense of community and creativity to carers, children and babies.

Through sculpture, design, music, collage, mark making, textiles and play, they are given the opportunity to curate a new world, increase their imagination and synchronize with others. We run a range of creative workshops, sessions and events in a range of venues in London.

Set up by Artist and Art Therapist, Grace Thompson, we strive to promote and support children's overall development and specifically their social and emotional wellbeing. We work with art media, as a primary mode of expression, and communication.

Our interests and expertise lie in socially engaged and collaborative contemporary arts practices and in mental health and wellbeing. 


A number of factors (both internal and external) effect a child's artistic development and how they feel about themselves and interact with the world. 

At Little Art Forms we believe it is important to take time to observe and to listen to and think with children about the artworks that they make.

By responding to children's art making in playful and thoughtful ways, these interactions can build their self-esteem, help them to experience empathy for others and enrich and extend their imaginative thinking.



an independent commercial gallery for contemporary art, exhibiting work by UK based and international artists.


an independent design led children’s store established in 2009.


a design lead store & workshop space in Leicestershire

A physical environment can impact on our emotional wellbeing and influence how we interact with the world.

Little Art Forms endeavours to build relationships with warm, engaging spaces where play can flourish and creativity, connections and self-expression can emerge.

We look to house our workshops, sessions and events within spaces that reflect the spirit of Little Art Forms.