AT Milk and biscuits, 


We were part of Milk and Biscuits creative christmas Pop-Up shop this winter. 

The idea behind the shop was to create a unique and engaging space for children and families, alongside offering the public a tangible experience of their individual creative world.  

Led by artist and art therapist Grace Thompson, children were given a beautifully designed sketchbook to reshape, using a variety of art materials.

In this workshop the historical and contemporary artists work that feature throughout the books were explored, and thought about in terms of what the images made the participants think about and feel. 

Through collage and mark making the sketchbooks took on a new life and were transformed by participants, into unique art objects.

Curated by Grace Thompson, and designed by Illustrator Peter Cline, the Little Art Forms Sketchbook was developed to ignite and encourage creativity and imaginative thinking. Packed full of images that highlight and bring together the work of contemporary and historical artists from around the world, their images will ignite and encourage a childs imaginative thinking.