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At Studio 32


The benefits of working with clay..

Clay has unique qualities that contribute to children’s overall development and wellbeing in so many ways. At Little Art Forms we have worked with clay with many children in different schools and have the belief that clay is an essential element for exploring cultural identity and self expression, discerning visual details, and nurturing children's growth.

Working with clay is responsive to touch and very forgiving. It gives children the confidence to make mistakes, self-regulate their emotions and take risks. This programme of workshops will give children the confidence to venture into a place of self expression, imaginative thinking and reflection.

Run by Grace Thompson/Artist and Art Therapist, these workshops will support children to explore their thoughts and ideas - in moulding clay to take on the form of their imaginations.

At the end of each workshop the children will come together and be encouraged to reflect on their creations and explore the meaning of their work.

All materials and a healthy snack included

individual workshops £14

block of 10 £100


3:45/4:00pm - 5:15pm

Limited spaces for pickup at Stillness Primary School 

Please drop your child at Studio 32 at 4:00pm sharp to begin.

Studio 32

Crofton Park/Brockley S/E London, SE4 1RB