Object Play - a space of play and creativity

A child’s first relationship that is interwoven with warm and sensitive responses, along with encouragement and support, lay the foundations to exploration and curiosity. Therefore, our emotional health begins to build with the experience of play and creativity.

In the UK’s current education system that focuses on achievement through academic learning we ask; where is the space for nurturing children’s creative talent, imaginative play and their visual and hand skills and .

We consistently absorb patterns, colours, shapes and forms that surround us. We gather experiences,

connects us to others and hold it within.

Material World


These sessions supports exploration and interaction with a range of creative mediums.

Children will be invited to make marks and use their hands to explore and create mysterious and magical objects.

Colours That Sing


African Shelters and symbolic forms


an independent design led children’s store established in 2009.


a design lead store & workshop space in Leicestershire

Red hot or blue with cold -

An immersive session for all the senses. What emotional states can be evoked when listing to music