AT STUDIO NL - Leicester

We visited Leicester and deliverd our Sketchbook - Marks and Collage workshop at the fantastic STUDIO NL.

In this workshop children were given a beautifully designed sketchbook to reshape, using a variety of art materials.

Through collage and mark making the sketchbooks took on a new life and were transformed by participants, into unique art objects.

Little Art Forms collaborated with artist and illustrator Peter Cline, to design a sketchbook for children to use and ‘light up’ in the this mark making and collage workshop. 

The sketchbooks are an object that can be revisited and reworked by children at a later date, and additionally, act as a visual reminder of the group experience. 




11:00am - 12:00noon
Saturday 18 June 2016
The Manor, Main Street
Tur Langton, Leicestershire

Children were given a sketchbook at the beginning of the workshop to use and create freely within. Images are placed throughout the book with an aim to encourage and enhance children’s creative processes, playfulness and imaginative thinking.

This workshop involved structured art making that promoted spontaneity and curiosity-driven exploration.